20 Troubling Days in September

The 2017-2018 school year is off to a rocky start…

In the 20 school days in September 2017, we’ve had:


  • 188 threats or incidents of violence in schools in 43 different states
  • 62 bomb threats impacted more than 84 schools
  • 3 guns were found on school property
  • 57 school shooting threats impacted more than 160 schools
  • 7 shootings occurred on school campuses in Ohio, Washington, Illinois, Colorado, California, Kentucky, and Massachusetts. There were also 2 serious shooting plots thwarted.
  • A student was stabbed to death on campus,  while another committed suicide in a school restroom.

There were an additional 45 threats where the nature of the threat was not revealed.

In just the 20 school days in September, the top 5 states for incidents or threats:

1. Pennsylvania – 20 threat or incidents
2. California – 16 threats or incidents
3. Ohio and Illinois – 9 threats or incidents each
4. Washington, Tennessee, Texas, and North Carolina – 8 threats or incidents each
5. New York – 7 threats or incidents

Wondering if this is just an unusual September? Check out our States of Concern report which analyzes threats and incidents of violence during the 2016-2017 school year.