What have we accomplished in the year since Sandy Hook?

It’s been a year since 20 children and 6 educators lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary school.

But what have we accomplished in that year?

We have spent an incredible amount of time and an incredible amount of money to make our schools safe, yet we the threat of violence is very real.

The tragedies at Sandy Hook, Chardon, Red Lake, Virginia Tech and Columbine can’t have been in vain.

It’s imperative that we all work together: educators, parents, legislators, students, and first responders.

We have to learn from these past events and equip educators and stakeholders with the tools and training to respond to crises.

We have to make the small shifts that can make our schools safer without turning them into prisons.

We have to work to prevent violence in our schools: to identify, assess and manage those who are risk for violence against themselves or others.

We have to stop wasting time and money searching for a “quick fix” : buying security systems, arming teachers, bullet-proof school equipment,  taking away all the guns, mandating ineffective drills.

We have to do the difficult work of implementing comprehensive, evidence-based, systemic changes that can help keep our students safe from all hazards.

We have to collaborate and figure this out-our children’s lives depend on it.