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Dr. Amy Klinger, director of programs and co-founder of the Educator's School Safety Network, a nonprofit that supports safer schools, said she found it "ironic and sad" that the only training being discussed for teachers is weapons training.

"How about training in violence prevention, or all of the other threats that schools face, like severe weather, noncustodial parent fights, and bus accidents?" she asked. "I'm thrilled that the president is having this conversation about school safety. But I'm concerned that we're not looking at the really effective options first."

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“It is alarming,” Klinger said. “We’ve seen a pretty dramatic increase. Normally, we track around 10 or 11 incidents a day and since the tragedy in Florida, we’ve been tracking anywhere from 50-65 threats a day.”

Partly to blame for the increase? What she calls the “copy cat” factor.

“You have this copy cat mentality,” she says ,”where if it worked over there, I could do that, too, and I want to be famous and I want people to be afraid of what I’ve said.”

The number of threats will, likely, go down in time. But Klinger believes the increased conversation about school safety will be a good thing.

“Any threat to a school and any incident in school is one too many,” she says, “so even when the numbers go down, we still need to keep this a priority.”

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