Our research indicates that the school shooting in Parkland, Florida is the latest of 81 school-based violent incidents and threats that have occurred in Florida just this school year. 

In the mid-year report of data, Florida was the #4 state of concern,  behind California, Pennsylvania and New York.

Of the 81 threats and incidents that have occured in Florida this school year, 29 have happened in January and the first half of February ALONE.

While violent incidents or threats have occurred in 48 of the 50 states so far this school year, 10 states accounted for 48% of all the threats and incidents that have occurred so far. Twenty states account for more than 70% of all threats and incidents. In the “top 10” states of concern, the number of threats and/or incidents is statistically significant for a number of reasons. These include the sheer number of incidents or threats, the type of events that occurred, and the total of events or incidents per capita, when compared to the population of the state.