Every time there is a school shooting, we hear a lot of opinion and speculation, but have not seen any actions that will actually make schools safer.

While our country may not be able to agree on the polarizing issues of gun control and gun rights, it’s time to focus on the common ground which we all share:

No one wants to see kids dying in our schools.

Educators and advocates cannot easily effect fundamental changes in our society - like making people care about mental illness or having common sense conversations about guns – but we HAVE to make immediate, substantive changes to find a solution for safer schools.

  • Are you sick enough of seeing tragedies unfold in schools?

  • Are you sufficiently moved by the death and destruction caused by these violent events to overcome complacency and denial?

  • Are you ready to become a real advocate for kids?

Become a part of the SafeSchool Solution.

  1. Training – We must ensure there is appropriate, on-going, education-based training for all staff and students in every school in the United States.
  2. Violence Prevention- We must ensure that effective, low cost, research-based violence prevention strategies are implemented in every school in the United States.
  3. Threat assessment management- We must ensure that an active threat assessment management team exists in every school in the United States to identify, assess, and manage individuals of concern.

Join the movement.

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But do it now, the next school shooter is already planning a tragedy.

The Educator’s School Safety Network is a national, 501(c)(3) non-profit that is spearheading this call to action.

We provide comprehensive, all-hazards, evidence-based school safety training and resources to K-12 schools and universities throughout the U.S.