How do we know where to start?

Determining a strategic plan of action for improving safety in your school or district can be a daunting task.

A education-focused vulnerability assessment can help your school or district identify vulnerabilities and help determine areas where improvement is needed first.

Our multi-disciplinary team of experts does a complete walk-through of your facilities to assess:

  • Access control

  • Visitor screening and engagement

  • Communication systems

  • ID systems

  • Alarm systems

  • Inventory control

  • Security hardware

  • Areas for target hardening

  • School climate and culture

  • Supervision

  • Policy review

  • Emergency signage

  • Flipcharts

  • Communication capabilities

  • Perimeter security

  • Signage

  • Identification of hazards on the property and in the neighborhood

After the assessment, we summarize our findings into a written report with mitigation recommendations and action plan.

The vulnerability assessment culminates in a de-brief meeting with our team and your leaders to discuss our findings, and develop and actionable path forward.

“Our school district was in dire need of updated, thorough safety protocols. We retained ESSN to conduct a vulnerability assessment and I think we were all floored by how thorough the assessment was! They looked at our facilities, systems, classrooms, entry-ways, bus pickup and drop off, lunch phases, and policies. Later we were able to take their suggestions and turn them into action to make our district safer! Worth every penny and more.”

-Dr. Anna Baldwin, 2014 Montana Teacher of the Year - 2016 US Dept of Education Teaching Ambassador Fellow

“The team looked for fire safety issues, electrical issues, locked doors, engagement, office procedures when someone enters the building, and other areas that present a gap or an opening for a building to be disrupted. Once the on-site assessment was complete, the team compiled all the results for a presentation to the district administrative team.

The results were a bit staggering for the administrators in the district. However, Dr. Klinger and her team presented the results in a manner that made solutions “do-able” for a small district.

They gave us real suggestions that were financially economical as well as practical. The presentation itself was conducted in such a way that the administrative team did not feel inferior, but we were encouraged with the opportunities to provide a safer environment for our staff and students.

If your district is in need of a powerful tool and information which will provide direction for school safety initiatives, Educator’s School Safety Network is the organization to provide that for you. They are flexible and knowledgeable of realities in implementation as well as the legal implications. I recommend Dr. Amy Klinger, Amanda Klinger, Esq, and her team without hesitation and with the highest confidence for any school district or organization.”

Catherine M Puster, Superintendent. Loudonville-Perrysville Exempted Village School District

“The Vulnerability Assessment proved an eye-opening and transformative experience for our senior admin team.   Like many schools, we were looking to balance openness and community with the realities of modern life, including the faith parents put in us to protect their students.  ESSN demonstrated quite vividly some of the exposures we had, and helped us address in a school-appropriate manner.  As a result, our students are safer – but still feel like they are attending a nurturing, caring, educational institution -- not “Fort Landon”.

-Jeremy Kugel, Chief Financial Officer, The Landon School, Washington DC.

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