Dr. Amy Klinger

Director of Programs


Amanda Klinger, Esq.

Director of Operations


The Educator's School Safety Network was founded to give educators a voice in critical school safety conversations.

  • Since 2010, ESSN experts have presented at 33 conferences to more than 4,000 educators and emergency responders in 15 different states at 8 national, 6 regional, 14 state, and 5 local conferences. ESSN experts have been the keynote speaker at 23 of 33 conferences.

  • ESSN experts have trained more than 11,000 school staff members, students, parents, and emergency responders in 39 different school districts or organizations since 2010 in 11 states as well as the province of Ontario.

  • ESSN experts have authored: Keeping Students Safe Every Day, In Search of Safer Schools, articles in six different journals and co-authored 2 FEMA/Department of Homeland Security participant and instructor course manuals.

  • ESSN experts have been featured as subject matter experts more than 35 times by national, regional, and local television, radio, and print media outlets in response to school crisis events.

The Educator's School Safety Network is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering educators with education-based school safety training and resources.

We only have one mission: help keep schools safe by providing training, services and resources to educators, administrators, school-based law enforcement, and other stakeholders.

National reach, singular focus

Dr. Amy Klinger

Dr. Amy Klinger

Director of Programs


Dr. Amy Klinger is nationally recognized as an expert in school safety and crisis management. She delivers trainings and lectures to audiences throughout the United States and abroad.

Dr. Klinger has over 28 years of experience as an educator and administrator. She brings a practitioner's perspective to the critical concerns of school crisis response. With expertise in active shooter response, crisis planning and preparedness, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, as well as lockdown enhancements, Dr. Klinger combines a knowledge of law enforcement procedures with the practical experience of educational administration.

Dr. Klinger is an Associate Professor of Educational Administration at Ashland University and is the Director of Programs for The Educators' School Safety Network.        Her past experience includes 28 years of service as a teacher, central office administrator, building principal, and college professor. Dr. Klinger is a certified Department of Homeland Security Instructor. In addition to her training work at ESSN, she has past experience in developing and delivering trainings for FEMA, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium. 

Dr. Klinger has conducted extensive research in the area of school safety and crisis planning and has developed lockdown enhancement, threat assessment, and parent reunification courses for school administrators, school staff members, and law enforcement officials. She authored the book In Search of Safer Schools, published in 2009, along with other articles on school safety featured in national publications. She has presented at regional, national, and international education and law enforcement conferences on school safety and security issues. Dr. Klinger is an Associate Professor at Ashland University teaching in educational administration areas such as leadership, finance, policy, human behavior, resource management, and community relations.

Amanda Klinger, Esq

Director of Operations


Amanda Klinger

Amanda Klinger, Esq. is nationally recognized as an expert in cyberbullying, school safety, and the law. She delivers trainings and lectures to audiences throughout the United States and abroad.

Ms. Klinger is the Director of Operations for The Educators' School Safety Network, formerly known as The Prae Group. Ms. Klinger has past experience both as an attorney and an educator. After earning a degree from Denison University in philosophy and communications, she worked as an elementary and secondary teacher before graduating from the University of Akron, School of Law. Ms. Klinger began her practice in North Carolina, representing clients in civil and criminal proceedings. She also worked in the juvenile justice system, as an advocate for youths charged with crimes, and as a parent attorney in abuse, neglect and dependency proceedings.

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Ms. Klinger brings a practitioner's perspective to the critical legal issues involved in school crisis response, cyberbullying, and the use of technology during crisis events. Her expertise in active shooter response, crisis management, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, as well as lockdown enhancements is derived from her work with Dr. Klinger in developing training courses for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Along with Dr. Klinger, Ms. Klinger has co-authored several journal articles in law enforcement and educational journals. She has presented at regional and national education, law enforcement, and safety conferences related to crisis response, technology, and negligence/liability issues.


We can put you in contact with our past clients, but here is what some have had to say about our work:

I have to say that the folks at ESSN have proven to be incredibly knowledgeable in school security and safety.
Because of Dr Klinger’s background as a former school teacher, building principal and district office administrator, she truly understands schools, school personnel and our unique environment and the unique needs that arise from it, and thus connect with us in a way that I don’t believe someone with a different background would be able to do.
As a result, the administrators and I have gained great respect for their ability to train all staff effectively and to help us improve our school security and safety.
— Mr Dave Hile, Superintendent

What teachers have had to say:

This was by far the most relevant in-service I’ve attended. Thank you for being willing to address such scary matters instead of ignore or “hush” them in for fear of frightening someone.

"The most intersting in-service I've been to in a long time."

"Thank you! You were all great, entertaining speakers."

"Excellent training- all schools should have this!"
"Excellent class and very informative"

"Best in-service in years!"

"Really enjoyed the whole presentation. They took a very serious subject and did a super job! Best PD this year"

What conference attendees have had to say:

“The [Educator’s School safety Network] presenters were about the best presenters I’ve ever seen. They were relevant, well versed and animated and I immensely enjoyed their efforts..”

"The presenters from the Educators School Safety Network were great.  The information I received from that presentation alone made me feel like I got my money's worth.."

" I really enjoyed your presentation. You made a tough and overwhelming topic realistic and easier to comprehend with your appropriate use of humor- Thanks!"

"Excellent job! Thank you for helping us look at this critical matter with an in-depth perspective"

Dr. Amy Klinger speaking at the T.H. Chan public health forum at Harvard University

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