Improving School Climate and Culture PLC

There is extensive research concluding that school climate has a profound impact on students’ mental and physical health. A positive school climate results in decreased absenteeism, lower rates of suspension, greater risk prevention, lower rates of drug use, and better psychological well-being, to name just a few!

How do educators assess the type of culture present in a school and work to improve it to realize these benefits and more? The Professional Learning Community Guide to Improving School Climate and Culture provides everything you need to launch a successful learning community to study, plan, and implement initiatives to improve a school’s climate and culture. The facilitator and participant guides will assist you in studying critical questions about school climate including:

  • Why is a school’s climate and culture important?

  • How do I assess the culture of my school?

  • What are the critical components of a school’s culture?

  • What can be done to improve the culture of my school?

The climate and culture PLC package includes fillable PDF facilitator and participant guides that you can download and duplicate for each of the group members. The facilitator’s guide assists in the planning and work of the PLC, including scheduling, activities, assessments, and reflections.


10 tips to improve school climate and culture