School violence isn't 100% preventable, but we have the capability to provide appropriate supports and interventions to students who are at risk for violence against themselves or others.

Threat assessment and management is a means by which schools can:

The US Department of Education and FEMA strongly recommend that all schools train and develop a Threat Assessment Management team, saying:

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Threat assessment isn’t a way to remove students from school– instead, it allows schools an effective methodology to:

  • determine who is at risk, (identify)

  • determine how severe the risk is, (assess)

  • and then provide appropriate supports and interventions (manage)

The Safe School Initiative study, other academic research, and evidence from past events shows us some of the characteristics of individuals who have perpetrated violence in schools.


We must learn from these past events to begin the work of preventing violence in our schools.


Unlike profiling, checklists, automated decision making and other methods that don't work, threat Assessment Management is a fact-based, investigative approach, where schools can leverage trained, multi-disciplinary teams.


Threat assessment provides a mechanism for schools to balance the right of the student to a free and appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment with the right of the rest of the school to be safe and protected.

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