Dr. Amy Klinger One of the Featured Experts in Future Trends Article

Dr. Amy Klinger of ESSN was one of the experts featured in an article by District Administration on current and future trends in education. It's wonderful to note that school safety was given the same level of educational attention as other relevant concerns such as academic performance and teacher evaluation!

To read the full article go to www.districtadministration.com/article/learning-leans-forward

Dr. Amy Klinger Featured Expert in New Jersey Bomb Threat Article

Dr. Amy Klinger was one of the featured experts in a recent article on bomb threats in New Jersey schools. Along with Dr. Klinger's discussion of how to appropriately respond to bomb threats, ESSN's data on bomb incidents and threats for the 2015-2016 school was also used. 


ESSN Bomb Study Data featured in Chicago Tribune Report

ESSN's research on bomb threats and incidents in schools was recently featured in an article in the Chicago Tribune about the dramatic increase in bomb threats in Illinois so far this school year. Be sure to check out our newest bomb threat and incident research for the 2016-2017 school year.


ESSN Bomb Incident Report Featured in Study of Illinois Threats

Data from ESSN's Bomb Incident Report for the 2016-2017 school year was the central feature of a recent story in the State Journal-Register discussing the increase in bomb threats and incidents in Illinois. In addition to the data gathered from the report, Dr. Amy Klinger was interviewed about the implications of this rapid increase on schools throughout the U.S.

To read the article go to: http://www.sj-r.com/news/20171005/study-bomb-threats-becoming-more-frequent-at-schools

Dr. Amy Klinger Featured Expert on the Illinois News Network

Dr. Amy Klinger was the featured expert in an Illinois Radio Network story on the dramatic increase in bomb threats in Illinois so far this school year. According to ESSN's current data, Illinois is #3 in the nation in threats of violence in just 20 school days in September 2017.  In the interview Dr. Klinger discussed the problems associated with the lack of training and updated response protocols, and how this lack of preparedness impacts safety in schools. 

To read more, go to: http://altondailynews.com/news/details.cfm?clientid=17&id=253178#.Wd0Z-siGO70

ESSN Study on School Threats and Violence Featured

Amanda Klinger, Director of Operations for the Educator's School Safety Network, was the featured expert in a recent Crimetracker 10 news story on 10TV in Columbus. The story focused on the newly released "States of Concern" report that ranks Ohio as the state of most concern in the U.S.


ESSN Directors are featured keynote speakers

ESSN Directors Dr. Amy Klinger and Amanda Klinger, Esq. were the featured keynote speakers at the Buckeye School Administrator's Association facilities and safety conference on Thursday, March 16, 2017. The Klingers spoke on critical issues in school safety using an "uncomfortable self-assessment" perspective. The follow up breakout session allowed participants to explore the critical topics of violence prevention, lockdown enhancements, bomb incidents, and parent reunification more in-depth.

School-based bomb incident report featured on District Administration.com

Those who threaten schools are often looking for “disruption” and “entertainment,” says Amy Klinger, director of programs for the Educators’ School Safety Network. “If we automatically react every time, we unwittingly encourage more bomb threats.”

Furthermore, some schools’ evacuation protocols are dangerous, says Klinger, also a former educator and school administrator. Evacuating children to a parking lot or football stadium, without first ensuring the parking lot or stadium is threat-free, may be moving students into another danger zone.


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Bomb Incident Report, Dr. Klinger Cited by the AP

"Schools are in a really bad position," said researcher Amy Klinger, of the nonprofit Educator's School Safety Network. "People are going to be mad if you evacuate; people are going to be upset if you don't evacuate."

The number of school bomb threats the last academic year alone, based on media reports, was at least 1,267, roughly twice as many as in 2012-13, said Klinger, who also teaches educational administration at Ohio's Ashland University.

Her group estimates there were about eight bomb threats per school day last year, and that doesn't include other threats of violence and disruption. Massachusetts had the most in that tally at 135 bomb threats, followed by Ohio with 96."

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