School Safety News 9.12.19

As we start a new school year, parents', teachers', and students' thoughts turn to the threat of a school shooting. In just the last 2 weeks there have been several thwarted plots, and a shooting at a high school football game in Alabama. Yet statistics show us that kids are more likely to die by drowning or a bicycle accident than a school shooting. Can both of these contradictory notions be true at once? Join us for a lively discussion of the active shooter paradox.

Episode 1 - 10.31.17 Tragedy on two coasts

In the first episode of the School Safety News podcast, school safety experts Amy and Amanda Klinger discuss two significant crisis events that occurred on opposite coasts on the same day, requiring two school districts to initiate multiple response protocols in a short, but chaotic time. More importantly, what are the lesson learned for all schools on this tragic day.

A good way to setup your office so you (not the visitor) are closest to the door.

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