Dr Klinger in Emergency Management Magazine

Lost in the sensational reporting about bulletproof bookbags and whiteboards, the articles about slick-marketed, self-proclaimed experts, is the very important discussion of how do we place active shooter response in the larger context of an evidence-based, all-hazards, comprehensive approach to school safety.

Klinger said that in more than 75 percent of school shootings, three or more adults were concerned about the individual prior to the shooting, and threat assessments and appropriate training are ways to connect the dots. “But it also is predicting kids at risk for suicide, self-mutilation, substance abuse or running away. So it’s exactly what we need to be doing because it’s an all-hazards approach to preventing these events.”....

The emphasis on an active shooter scenario detracts from other important trainings like tornado drills, CPR and shelter in place, Dorn and Lavarello said. And school districts, deluged with quick fixes from vendors, are investing in things they don’t necessarily need.

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