Dr. Amy Klinger on CBS9 in Los Angeles

“It is alarming,” Klinger said. “We’ve seen a pretty dramatic increase. Normally, we track around 10 or 11 incidents a day and since the tragedy in Florida, we’ve been tracking anywhere from 50-65 threats a day.”

Partly to blame for the increase? What she calls the “copy cat” factor.

“You have this copy cat mentality,” she says ,”where if it worked over there, I could do that, too, and I want to be famous and I want people to be afraid of what I’ve said.”

The number of threats will, likely, go down in time. But Klinger believes the increased conversation about school safety will be a good thing.

“Any threat to a school and any incident in school is one too many,” she says, “so even when the numbers go down, we still need to keep this a priority.”