Amanda Klinger, Esq

Director of Operations


Amanda Klinger

Amanda Klinger, Esq. is nationally recognized as an expert in cyberbullying, school safety, and the law. She delivers trainings and lectures to audiences throughout the United States and abroad.

Ms. Klinger is the Director of Operations for The Educators' School Safety Network, formerly known as The Prae Group. Ms. Klinger has past experience both as an attorney and an educator. After earning a degree from Denison University in philosophy and communications, she worked as an elementary and secondary teacher before graduating from the University of Akron, School of Law. Ms. Klinger began her practice in North Carolina, representing clients in civil and criminal proceedings. She also worked in the juvenile justice system, as an advocate for youths charged with crimes, and as a parent attorney in abuse, neglect and dependency proceedings.

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Ms. Klinger brings a practitioner's perspective to the critical legal issues involved in school crisis response, cyberbullying, and the use of technology during crisis events. Her expertise in active shooter response, crisis management, vulnerability assessment and mitigation, as well as lockdown enhancements is derived from her work with Dr. Klinger in developing training courses for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Along with Dr. Klinger, Ms. Klinger has co-authored several journal articles in law enforcement and educational journals. She has presented at regional and national education, law enforcement, and safety conferences related to crisis response, technology, and negligence/liability issues.