The Educator's School Safety Network was founded to give educators a voice in critical school safety conversations.

  • Since 2010, ESSN experts have presented at 33 conferences to more than 4,000 educators and emergency responders in 15 different states at 8 national, 6 regional, 14 state, and 5 local conferences. ESSN experts have been the keynote speaker at 23 of 33 conferences.
  • ESSN experts have trained more than 11,000 school staff membersstudents, parents, and emergency responders in 39 different school districts or organizations since 2010 in 11 states as well as the province of Ontario.
  • ESSN experts have authored: In Search of Safer Schools, articles in six different journals and co-authored 2 FEMA/Department of Homeland Security participant and instructor course manuals.
  • ESSN experts have been featured as subject matter experts more than 35 times by national, regional, and local television, radio, and print media outlets in response to school crisis events.

ESSN experts appear on Canada AM, CTV's national morning show

Amanda Klinger, Esq. interviewed by BBC news

Dr. Amy Klinger interviewed by the CBC

Amanda Klinger, Esq. and Dr. Amy Klinger with New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez

Dr. Amy Klinger on CBS 13


Amanda Klinger, Esq. on CBS 8

Dr. Amy Klinger on Fox 44

ESSN experts on CBC news Toronto

Dr. Amy Klinger talks about her research focus

The Educator's School Safety Network is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering educators with education-based school safety training and resources.

We only have one mission: help keep schools safe by providing training, services and resources to educators, administrators, school-based law enforcement, and other stakeholders.

National reach, singular focus